Which Musician Wrote The Children’s Picture Book “The English Roses”?

On September 15, 2003, Madonna (through Callaway Arts & Entertainment) released the book “The English Roses.” 

Madonna has also written books such as Miss Spider and Sex. The English Rose is one of her most popular works, and it has multiple series: 

Edition 1) Friends for Life! (published 2007)

Edition 2) Goodbye, Grace? (Published 2007)

Edition 3) The New Girl (published 2007)

Edition 4) A Rose By Any Other Name (published 2007)

Edition 5) Big-Sister Blues (published 2008)

Edition 6) Being Binah (published 2008)

Edition 7) The English Roses: Hooray for the Holidays (published 2008)

Edition 8) The English Roses: A Perfect Pair (published 2008)

Edition 9) The Runway Rose (published 2009)

Edition 10) The English Roses: Ready, Set, Vote! (Published 2009)

Edition 11) The English Roses: American Dreams (published 2009)

Edition 12) By Madonna The English Roses: Catch the Bouquet (published 2009)

The English Roses book series would be appropriate for ages 6 to 11. 

Is The English Roses a True Story

While developing the character Binah, Madonna wrote from her experience dealing with her mother’s death and described how Madonna (Binah in the story) felt lonely. 

Many of the characters from the book were named after Lourde’s (Madonna’s daughter) school friends from Lycée Franco-Libanais private school.

The English Roses Characters & Story

The story is situated in London about five girls, Charlotte, Amy, Grace, Nicole, and Binah. English Roses are called four girls Charlotte, Amy, Grace, and Nicole (later girls welcome Binah to the group). 

English Roses believe Binah has a perfect life and are jealous of her and come up with naughty plans against her. 

However, one day during the picnic sleepover, English Roses sees the same dream where through the help of the fairy godmother, gets a glimpse of Binah’s life, and they realize that Binah spends a lot of her time working hard, cooking, cleaning and is lonely. 

The Moral of the story, we as humans, often tend to complain about our life and don’t take time to realize how lucky and blessed we are.

Before we criticize or complain about somebody, it may be wise to have empathy and see things from the other person’s point of view, which may change our perspective. 

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