Outsell Your Competition By Robin Fielder

This book touches on almost every aspect of sales, but it is quite an old-school book from the early 00s

My main takeaway and favorite are the importance of energy or enthusiasm in selling.

It reminded me of the famous quote I had learned on the audio program by Zig Ziglar, “When Everything Else Fails Enthusiasm Sells.”

There is a short chapter in the book, pg.125, where it talks about people enjoying doing business with energetic and enthusiastic people. And enthusiasm is one of the highest-paid qualities on Earth.

I could not agree more. I do sales full time for a living, and more research I do on sales books, seminars I have been to, youtube videos, and top salespeople I meet.

One thing in common I have found among the top percentile of salespeople is their Energy.

Salespeople could be introverted, but they have great enthusiasm when discussing the product they sell.


It is not overly sales, over hype sales people I am talking about, but the salespeople who you can feel have this conviction in their voice that they fully believe 100% what they are selling to you is good and are very genuine people you can trust them.

Quote from the book: “When you are selling, people will agree to buy based more on your conviction and enthusiasm than on your excellent product knowledge.”

I tend to agree with the quote above.


It is like catch 202 because if I don’t have great product knowledge, I have found myself UNABLE TO GENERATE ENTHUSIASM and CONVICTION in my voice, but not all people are the same.

Because I am among some of the people who have to know in good detail about the product if it will help solve people’s problems if it is ethical and legal.

And if other products in the market are better, cheaper.

Once I’ve done my research, I can generate absolute 100% certainty and genuine enthusiasm for what I am selling.

However, during my decade of a young sales career, I have met people who join a company brand new with very little knowledge of the product but can outsell other salespeople solely from the enthusiasm they generate.

I guess they are wired a little different than me, but I have learned a piece of valuable information to learn to KNOW YOURSELF. The more I have learned to know myself, the better salesperson I have become over the years.

2) LACPAAC Model To Make More Sales

The book recommends understanding and implementing the LACPAAC for sales, which stands for:

L – List

A – Ask Back

C – Close-in

P – Pre-close

A – Answer

A – Ask Back

C – Close

I find it not so easy acronym to remember. For example, SMART.

S – Specific, M – Measurable, A- Attainable, R – Realistic, T – Time-based.

However, after reviewing it. It seems like a solid sales framework to have.

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